Who Are Paragon?

The Origins of Paragon 

Paragon coaching was established in Melbourne to work with leaders and individuals seeking to optimise their capability for leadership, increase their level of contribution and thus maximise success in their work place, life and community. The founders of Paragon Coaching, Argy Mariolis and Neal Lynch, have gained first-hand experience of the benefits of coaching through practise in large complex organisations with teams, leaders and individuals. The resulting change and growth experience by individuals involved in a coaching relationship has led to improved relationships, leadership, performance and satisfaction across their work and personal life.

Paragon Coaching reflects our mission, desire and passion to make coaching more accessible to a broader audience that is committed to achieving more in leadership, personal growth, contribution and success in their work, life and communities.

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Our Coaches?

Our team of internationally accredited coaches and facilitators operate at all levels within the corporate, public and not-for-profit-sectors.

Our diverse industry backgrounds and collective 40 years experience with complex strategic organisational change, business systems, technology and adult learning and education provides us with a unique grounding and understanding of the complexities and dynamic challenges faced in today’s business.

Combined with practical coaching knowledge and experience, we are uniquely positioned to serve you at a level that relates with your experience, supports your agenda and facilitates the discovery and application of your strengths.

In a safe and confidential setting of trust and empathy you will be challenged and empowered to enhance and optimise your leadership, relationships and communications to achieve significant growth, change and success in your business or life.

Neal Lynch

Melbourne Based

Neal’s engaging and intuitive approach quickly develops rapport and trust leading his clients into the process of uncovering the obstacles and limitations that lay in the way of achieving their absolute best.

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Argy Mariolis

Melbourne based

With a style that is grounded and present, nurturing and calming, Argy quickly gains trust and confidence, enabling and empowering those he coaches to comfortably explore, discover, learn and act.

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What do we do at Paragon Coaching?

At Paragon we provide distinct offerings formed on our philosophy and mission that within all of us, ready to be awakened is “…the Paragon of Leadership, Personal Growth and Success”.

Our offerings include;

  • Executive and Senior Leadership Coaching
  • New and Emerging Leaders Coaching
  • Team Coaching (– plus our customisable iTaLK program)
  • Group Coaching
  • Personal Coaching
  • Specialised Coaching and consulting in the areas of Strategic Change and Project Management


In addition to the services offered above we can also support those Organisations seeking to develop and embed a Coaching Culture, Mindset and Toolset into their Organisation. Whether it be leaders with a coaching style and mindset; establishing internal coaching or a balanced panel of external and internal coaches, our  extensive experience in developing and executing Strategic Business Change ensures that your strategy is initiated, planned and executed for optimal success.

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Our Mission 

Our mission at Paragon Coaching is to serve individuals in organisations or on their own to
  • Release the best of their potential,
  • Realise their goals,
  • Improve and develop skills,
  • Experience greater profit in their relationships,
  • Excel their leadership,
  • Positively manage change, and be able to
  • Thrive in their business and their life.

Paragon Coaching does this through an Integral Coaching Process that supports our valued customers to:

  • Expand and manage their beliefs and perspectives,
  • Deal with obstacles, and
  • Set robust learning interventions.

Is Coaching For You?

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