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specialised coaching and consulting

Paragon Coaching’s extensive experience in strategic and complex project and change leadership and execution is available for you to leverage in a coaching or consulting format or a combination of both. 
Either way, our commitment is to work with you to develop and transfer the requisite Leadership, Strategy and Execution skills and capabilities that assure your people success in implementing effective change.

Project and Change Coaching

A project and change coach works with your project / change leaders and their team to guide, counsel, advise and coach them through the many processes within the management of the complex change initiative. Coaching provides a way to build and embed critical execution skills and practices within your organisation, teams and individuals.

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Business Coaching

At Paragon, we utilise our combined corporate knowledge and experience and our coaching expertise to offer pure Business Coaching. Tailored to help business owners, directors and general managers who require coaching with that dash of knowledge.

Outplacement Coaching

At Paragon, we believe it is essential to provide personalised 1:1 services for those employees facing a transition. The ability of our specialised coaches lies  in the approach of allowing our clients to work in an atmosphere of complete support, granting high levels of engagement and empowerment with clear and smart goals and actions that lead to success. All this performed in a focussed and confidential environment that is truly designed to get the best for all individuals. Our services encompass;

  • Outplacement
  • Redeployment
  • Career Development
  • Career Direction

You need to bring together several people to explore, dialogue and produce a creative and meaningful outcome, yet know from past experience results may be compromised because:

It will be difficult for you to participate, contribute and facilitate at the same time;

  • Several ‘A’ Types will dominate and steer the group off track
  • The ‘elephants’ may be ignored
  • Conflicts are not addressed, and
  • Actions, decisions and commitments will not be clearly owned.

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Internal coaching systems

Organisations today are fast realising the value of coaching for improving leadership, retaining and attracting talent and increasing employee engagement and satisfaction. To realise the benefits of coaching and to embed coaching as a critical competency within the organisation's culture, leading organisations establish internal coaching systems. The benefits are many

  • Coaching becomes a core competency, improving Leadership
  • A Coaching style cascades through the organisation resulting in enhanced relationships
  • Coaching becomes more accessible and affordable
  • Coaching becomes an integral component for positive strategic change
  • Attracting and retaining talent results in significant savings
  • Employee performance, satisfaction and engagement improves.
What could an internal system of coaching create for your organisation? Call us to explore the options and possibilities for you.