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organisational coaching

Organisational Coaching occurs when a coach is formally engaged to coach within organisational settings and is focused on improving the clients’ work-related skills, performance or personal development in a way that is personally and professionally beneficial to the client and aligned with organisational strategies. The engagement will often be three or four cornered, catering for engagement by Human Resources and if required the client’s manager.

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Organisational Coaching include:

Executive and Senior Leadership Coaching:

A collaborative and tailored program for experienced leaders and managers lasting between 6 – 12 months focused on the executive's agenda. 

This format provides your key leaders and managers with the opportunity to reflect, plan and sound out strategies that enables them (in a safe, trusted and confidential environment) to re-frame their style and approach and gain a new level of performance that will cascade through their area of control and influence.

Themes often include Leadership, Emotional Intelligence, Vision and Strategy, Effective Communication, Initiating and Executing change, Personal Mastery, Political Synergy, Stress Management and Life / Work Balance.

New and Emerging Leaders Coaching:

Focused on your rising talent, programs ranging from 6 – 12 months, invest in your people’s strengths and talent to support them rise to the challenge of Leadership, Operations and sustainable Customer Service. 

Like Executive Coaching, themes often focus on Leadership, People Management, Change Management, Communications, Vision, Values and Goal Alignment, Intra and Interpersonal Mastery and Skills Development.

This level of investment helps your new and rising stars arrive at a point of effectiveness sooner by negotiating new territory and experiences within a safe and trusted environment and experimenting with a variety of perspectives to create greater awareness of possibilities and options that lead to performance, productivity and success.

Team Coaching:

The process involves improving the interfaces between team members so that fulfilling team and organisational objectives are enhanced. The program is collaboratively designed between the Team Leader and the coach to focus on those aspects deemed important by the Team Leader for their team.

Themes often arising in Team Coaching are: 
  • Team Vision / Purpose
  • Values, Mission and Goals
  • Communications, Operations and Systems
  • Leadership and Accountabilities
Alternatively, our innovative iTaLK program brings a comprehensive and Integral Team and Leadership Kaizen program to life over the course of 6 - 12 months and institutes a Team culture of collaboration, innovation, continued efficiency and effectiveness improvement, aligned with Organisational and Team objectives. For more information on iTaLK Contact Paragon Coaching

Team coaching is suited for organisations’ that want to:
  • Optimise the launch of new teams
  • Develop and launch a team culture
  • Increase the effectiveness of existing teams
  • Assist troubled teams, and
  • Ensure ongoing energy and achievement in high performing teams.
The objectives are to:
  • Empower the team to achieve results and integrate learning in the shortest time possible;
  • Balance the relationship between task and process;
  • Hold the vision of the organisation and team; and
  • Assist the team to align actions with teams / organisations vision and goals
Group Coaching

Group coaching can be defined as coaching that takes place with two or more people simultaneously. However, the definition is quite broad and can include a number of different types of groups and a number of different ways to deliver the coaching.

Group members learn to develop their potential from each other’s experiences. Groups of four to six are coached using techniques similar to individual coaching, but with the benefit of group support, which propels individuals forward.

Themes often cover leadership development, managing projects or change, systems for performance and productivity optimisation, personal mastery and work life balance.

One key distinction of group coaching as compared to one on one coaching is the mutual support and motivation the client experiences being part of a group. It can be synergistic where the group produces outcomes greater than each individual part.