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Paragon Coaching works with Organisations and Individuals who are seeking optimised and sustainable performance and results from their business, their people and their life.

Our services are based on partnerships. Together, the right program is tailored and leverages a highly adaptive Integral Approach comprised of validated coaching methods and experiential learning frameworks that caters to our clients’ uniqueness and their agenda. Combined with our belief and premise that you are the expert in your life and business, and that success, ultimately, emanates from your relationship with yourself and with others, you will realise immediate tangible and intangible benefits at a professional and personal level.

Explore which service may best suit your needs:

  • Executive and Senior Leadership Coaching
  • New and emerging Leaders Coaching
  • Team Coaching
  • Group Coaching

  • Life Coaching
  • Skills and capabilities coaching
  • Transition coaching

  • Project coaching and consulting
  • Change management coaching and consulting
  • Facilitation
  • Internal coaching systems

  • Sustainable leadership
  • Continuous improvement
  • Contemporary Coaching Practices
  • Pragmatic, practical and affordable way.
  • Quite literally the most powerful and cost-effective program to embed, cascade and sustain a continuous improvement focus on leadership in your team.
All our services are delivered in accordance with professional and ethical standards (ICF Standards) that assure confidentiality and warranties that justify your investment.