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Why Wait? Act Now!

posted 6 Jul 2011, 18:19 by Neal Lynch   [ updated 6 Jul 2011, 18:24 ]

A quick blog today…

Jim and Sean in days gone by...

Yesterday we said goodbye to a friend who lost his battle with cancer.  It’s at times like this we reflect on our own lives and having learnt more about Sean yesterday than I knew I realised that he’d packed a hell of a lot into 47 short years. From playing sport at a high level in both hemispheres, to having a handicap of 4 in golf, to being a great uncle, a traveller, a risk-taker and a helper of others.

Often at times of loss we reflect and take stock of who we are, what we’ve achieved and what we want to do in the time left allotted to us.

My questions to you today are

  • What is your plan for the future?
  • Are you happy with your achievements so far or are there many places for you yet to go to?
  • How are you going to get there?
  • Are your plans realistic? 

Can you utilize the GROW model to help you with your future:



This is where you want to be. The goal has to be defined in such a way that it is very clear when you have achieved it.



How far are you away from your goal? If you look at all the steps needed to achieve the goal then how many steps have been completed so far.



Options are the client’s ways of dealing with obstacles if they are to make progress.


Way Forward

Options need to be converted into action steps, which will take the client to their goal. These are the Way Forward.

What’s stopping you? Get cracking!