Team Coaching

Effective and productive teams perform better; produce more, at a higher level of quality, with less rework, increased customer and employee satisfaction. This leads to collateral benefits including high employee engagement, retention of employees and improved workplace relations and attendance.

A coach can work with the team leader to support the team members and leader to develop the best practices of high impact teams.

Team coaching is suited for organizations who want to:

Develop and launch a team culture
Increase the effectiveness of existing teams
Assist troubled teams, and
Ensure ongoing energy and achievement in high performing teams.
The objectives are to:
Empower the team to achieve results and integrate learning;
Balance the relationship between task and process;
Hold the vision of the organisation and team; and
Assist the team to align actions with teams / organizations vision and goals
Team coaching is effective for new teams, derailed teams or high performing teams seeking to stretch even further.

The process of coaching is focused on facilitating the team to create and execute their own solutions. The responsibility of the coach is to the team process, to support achievement of goals, to observe the interpersonal relationships and linkages that impact the team’s work.By establishing a solid foundation the team will be more productive, adaptive, flexible, collaborative, in-tune to performance enhancing and limiting factors within and without the team leading to better outcomes and better execution.