Group Coaching

Group coaching is a effective in bringing coaching to all levels of an organisation.
Group members learn to develop their potential from each other’s experiences. Groups of four to six are coached using techniques similar to individual coaching, but with the benefit of a group support, which propels individuals forward.
Groups are often developed with a theme, such as leadership development or work life balance; nevertheless identifying pathways for each individual, recognizing what works best for them.
Group coaching can be defined as coaching that takes place with two or more people simultaneously. However, the definition is quite broad and can include a number of different types of groups and a number of different ways to deliver the coaching.
One key distinction of group coaching as compared to one on one coaching is the mutual support and motivation the client experiences being part of the group. It can be synergistic where the group produces outcomes greater than each individual part.
While several differences can be identified between group coaching and facilitation, some key points to remember include:
Coaching is focused on the person whereas facilitation is often focused on the process
A coach usually gives more input and more direction than a facilitator, and makes specific requests of the participants
A coach usually asks more of the group than a facilitator does (e.g.: to produce more)
In group coaching, the focus is on the individual and the growth of the individual; the synergy of the group is used to support the individual.
Benefits of Group Coaching
  • Clients find out they don't have to be a lone ranger
  • More affordable for the client
  • The client can listen and learn from others without being pressured to answer every question
  • Peer group coaching - new ideas from others who are in the same place
  • Encourages interaction, sharing, telling, courtesy, bonding skills
  • Clients can give each other different perspectives and new paradigms
  • Effective - group can develop a particular topic; focus on a particular area
  • Client might be more apt to do the work when reporting back to a group
  • Creates an atmosphere of success
  • People might feel more accountable and committed to their own success within a group setting