You need to bring together several people to explore, dialogue and produce a creative and meaningful outcome, yet know from past experience that it is doomed to failure or poor results because:

It will be difficult for you to participate, contribute and facilitate at the same time;
Several ‘A’ Types will dominate and steer the group off track;
  • The ‘elephants’ may be ignored
  • Conflicts are not addressed, and
  • Actions, decisions and commitments will not be clearly owned.

A facilitated session from an independent coach will result in more creative and meaningful outcomes. A coach will work with you to plan and ensure that in your session:

  • All possibilities are explored;
  • Contributions come from everyone;
  • Creativity is tapped into, and
  • The process is engaging and at the tone you require

As a result you will end up with a plan that is more sustainable and has stronger buy-in.
There are many different situations that organizations use our facilitators from business planning to problem solving. Common among these situations is the organisation is looking for a strong buy-in and commitment to action from the participants.
  • Our facilitated sessions can assist with:
  • Projects / Programs
  • Change initiatives
  • Strategy and business planning
  • Problem solving